I want to start by saying that I’m not a salesperson. However, I do consider myself to be an expert on marketing, advertising and selling products and services. In fact, when it comes to selling stuff (and making sure people buy what you’re selling), my name is synonymous with success. But before we get into how sales work today, let’s look at some history:

The Goal Of Marketing And Advertising Is To Create Better Choices, Not To Sell Stuff

The goal of marketing and advertising is to create better choices, not to sell stuff. The more information you give people, the better decisions they can make about what they want and need. When customers are satisfied with their purchases, they’re more likely to become repeat customers–and that’s good for business!

Marketing And Advertising Should Be Based On What People Want, Not What We Sell

You may be wondering why we’re talking about marketing and advertising. The goal of marketing and advertising is to create better choices for customers, not sell stuff.

In order to do this, we need to understand what our customers want from us (the product or service provider) and how we can meet those needs in an effective way that makes them happy with their purchase decision.

This is not always easy because at times the customer isn’t always right – they might want something that doesn’t make sense for them or won’t get them where you want them to go as a business owner (e.g., buying products just because they’re on sale). But if you focus on understanding what people really need rather than trying to sell them something based solely on price or availability then things will work out better overall!

Your First Step Is To Know Who Your Customer Is And What They Need; Then You Can Figure Out How You Can Help Them

It’s time to put your marketing hat on. The first thing you need to do is figure out who your customer is and what they need.

  • Who are they? What kind of person are they? How old are they? What does their lifestyle look like, and how does that impact their needs as far as this product or service goes?
  • What do those people need from us and our product/service in order for us to be able to help them (or not hinder them) with whatever problem/goal we’re trying to solve?

Marketers Must Not Only Become Aware Of Customers’ Needs And Values, But Also Helping Customers Find Solutions That Are In Line With Their Desires And Goals

You can’t just sell stuff to customers. You have to help them find solutions that are in line with their desires and goals.

That means marketers must not only become aware of customers’ needs and values, but also help the customer find solutions that are in line with those desires and goals.

In order for this to happen, marketers need to understand the customer’s needs and values–and then find ways of helping them achieve these goals.

Salespeople Are More Likely To See Selling As An Art, While Marketers Set Their Goals With Science In Mind

While salespeople see selling as an art, marketers set their goals with science in mind. This can lead to a culture clash between the two groups, as each has very different ways of approaching the same problem. Salespeople are more likely to be creative and optimistic about their approach, while marketers tend to be more analytical and pessimistic about theirs.

This difference in mindset can lead to some friction between salespeople and marketers when they work together on projects–but it doesn’t have to be that way! If you’re working with someone who comes from one camp or another (or both), here are some tips for getting along:

Marketing Has Changed From The Days When It Was About Getting People Interested In A Product, To Making Sure They Buy It

In the early days of marketing, it was enough to create interest in a product and get people talking about it. Nowadays, you have to make sure they buy it.

The goal has shifted from creating better choices and helping people find solutions (which are not necessarily related to buying your product) to getting them interested in what you’re selling so that they’ll buy it–and only yours!

This shift has led marketers away from understanding their customers’ needs or values and toward focusing solely on getting them interested in buying something specific: your product!

If you want to sell your product or service then it’s important that you understand why people buy.

The goal of marketing and advertising is to create better choices, not to sell stuff.

The key word here is “better.” If you want people to buy your product or service then it’s important that you understand why people buy. Understanding what makes people buy is an art form that requires some practice but once mastered can help any business owner sell more products and services with less effort on their part.

In order for someone to make a decision about buying something they need information about the product or service they’re considering purchasing. This means providing them with enough information so they can make an informed choice about whether or not they should purchase what’s being sold – without being bombarded with sales pitches or being talked down by pushy salespeople who are only interested in closing deals regardless of how much money they lose along the way!


Marketing is a difficult field, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can be successful. Marketing is not just about getting people interested in your product or service–it’s also about making sure they buy it!